"Having true integrity and years of construction experience allows for knowledge of great resources and building the workmanship of a selective, elite team." Jim Taylor, Principal and Owner of Proficient Builders, Inc

About Us

At Proficient Builders we specialize in directing multiple, large commercial project sites, ranging in size from $100,000 fit-ups to several million dollar projects. Proficient Builders is responsible for overseeing quality and cost control, driving the project schedules and ensuring work site safety.

Our philosophy on job site safety is that a well managed construction site will be a safe construction site. This has proven to be true by our safety record.

We believe that to effectively and successfully manage a construction project we must have experienced skilled tradesmen. This will ensure that a project will be built with quality workmanship and in a timely fashion. The Proficient Builders team is capable of delivering the quality that your project will demand.

Proficient Builders strives on working closely with Engineers and Architects to proactively allow for seamless transitions as projects evolve. We aim to maintain a schedule and stay true to budget costs.